Initial Public Offering (IPO)

Thank you for visiting the Initial Public Offering (IPO) site of Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Medical Services Group Company ("HMG"). We aim to ensure that everyone who is interested in our IPO has the opportunity to find out more about HMG and the IPO process. We will update this site regularly as more information becomes available, so do please check back.

Expected IPO Timetable

Price range (SAR): 43 - 50
Start of Participating Entities Book Building: 10th February
Close of the Participating Entities Book Building: 19th February
Price Announcement: 20th February
Start of Individual Investors Subscription Period: 26th February
End of Individual Investors Subscription Period: 3rd March
Final allotment of shares and refunds to all subscribers: 9th March, 2020
Expected trading commencement date for the Shares: The shares trading commencement is expected to start after completion of all the relevant legal requirements and procedures. Announcement of the shares trading commencement will be made through Tadawul's website (

Key Documents

Below are the key IPO documents available for download.
Key documents for download

Intention To Float press release Download
Prospectus Download

How to subscribe

Subscription Method for Participating Entities

Participating Entities, as defined in Prospectus may apply for subscription. The Bookrunners will provide the Bid Forms to the Participating Entities during the book-building process in accordance with the Subscription Terms and Conditions in the Prospectus.

Subscription Method for Individual Investors

Subscription Application Forms will be available at the branches of Receiving Agents during the Offering Period. The Subscription Application Form shall be filled in accordance with the Subscription Terms and Conditions in the Prospectus.

Related announcements

The Capital Market Authority announces the Approval on the Initial Public Offering of Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Medical Services Group Company's Shares Click here.


Joint Financial Advisors

For any IPO enquiries, please contact the below project emails:

Jadwa Investment:
Riyad Capital:
Mohammed Al-Aqeel:
2114861 11 +966
Aziz Al-Sufayyan:
4565644 11 +966

Syndicate banks

- Joint financial advisors and joint underwriters

- Joint bookrunners

- Lead manager

- Receiving agents