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Riyadh - The Capital

Riyadh: The Capital

Riyadh City is the capital of Saudi Arabia where its population has shown an increase of 6.5 million over the past forty years where 64 percent are Saudi citizens. Riyadh has a unique diversity culture where international workers from all over the world are visiting and living in Riyadh. Many expatriates from all over the world who are engaged to new infrastructure projects. Riyadh is becoming one of the most dynamic cities in the region.

Riyadh Location

Riyadh sets on the center of Saudi Arabia in an area called Najd by 1950 feet above sea level, and it’s bordered from the east by the eastern region, from the west by Makkah region and part of Al Madinah Al Munawrah, from the north by the eastern region and Al-Qassiem, from the south by Najran and Aseer.

Riyadh as a Business Capital

Riyadh as a working capital, has the base of all government ministries and all other related authorities as well to the head quarter (HQ) of several local and international companies. Which leave Riyadh with lots of constrictions because of the economic growth taking a place in the country.

Riyadh Tourism

Riyadh is considered to be a business destination, however the city of Riyadh is a fascinating mixed of modern development, traditional culture, and as such there are many of interesting things to see and visit in Riyadh. Riyadh is a place to numerous of historical sites, including the City of Old Diriyah, the Al Murabba'a Historical Palace, and the Al Musmak Castle. Saudi Arabia is known for its high heat, however, there are many opportunities for outdoor activities in Riyadh, including 4x4 desert trips, football, and golf. These are great places to visit in Riyadh, but you should consider that many of the most attractions keep hours widely different to Western businesses’ hours; For example: they open early in the morning, and then open again from afternoon to late evening around 12:00 AM, and some places, and historical sites are closed on Fridays or Saturdays. Families might only visit during designated 'family hours' so it is better to check ahead before visiting.

Transportation in Riyadh

Riyadh city expanding lead Al Riyadh Development Authority (ADA) to co-ordinate and plan for this expansion. Therefore the ADA been working hard to alien the expanding with the current and future city highway system. In addition there is a new public transport system under constrictions, a six inter-connecting lines metro service integrated with a bus rapid transit network. King Khaled international airport also has been expanded a new fifth terminal was added to the current ones. The airport was equipped to handle 18 million passengers yearly.

Education in Riyadh

The education in Riyadh is provided by government and private sectors across all level on the general education for both genders, technical and vocational training up to higher education’s level. Government higher education provided by 3 universities in the city. Private higher education provided by a few collages in Riyadh. Technical education and vocational training collages with seven collages under six technical institutes and 328 private centers. Riyadh also has many international schools for all different levels.

Accommodations in Riyadh

Hotels is a fine option where the city is rich with so many choices, with an excellent, reasonable market rates. Many hotels has a fine dining areas, support with a sport facilities for guests and non-guests. Compounds come as a perfect option for expatriates living away from home, and they want a bit of privacy of their living lifestyle. Riyadh has many compounds resorts facilitated with gardens, gyms, and swimming pools and other utilities with day to day maintenance services and high security level. Diplomatic Quarter or “DQ” home of foreign embassies, and other international organizations with a residential areas. DQ is one of the greenest area in Riyadh with various sport facilities. In addition you may find other furnished/unfurnished apartments or villas for selling or renting.