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Al Khobar City

Al Khobar

Al-Khobar is one of the main cities in the Eastern Province with a population of (941,358). Dammam, Al Khobar and Al Dhahran (DMA) these cities closely joined as a triangle, which has existed for centuries.

Education in Al Khobar

Al-Khubar has more than 100 public and private educational institutes. In addition, Al Khobar city is home to several Western-oriented schools (International School), which serve a number of students from various expatriate communities. For higher education, Al-Khobar city is served by more than 4 private and public universities, which have a variety of majors and colleges.

Entertainment in Al Khobar

The strategic location of Al-Khobar city has resulted in its emergence as a leading business and residential center in the Eastern Province. Located between Dammam and Dhahran, Al-Khobar city catering the needs of all expatriates, from various daily needs through major shopping of international goods. In addition to the first-class and international brands shopping malls, plazas and supermarkets, the city boasts exquisite tourist entertainment centers, spots, and a lush, widespread beach.