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Al Jubail City

Al Jubail

Al Jubail Industrial City is the largest industrial city in the Middle East and has the wolrd's largest IWPP (Independent Water and Power Project). It is also the home of largest petrochemical company in the Middle East and the fourth largest in the world. It has a population of (778,949) more than 25% of the population are expatriates.

Education in Al Jubail

Al Jubail has many private, public and good numbers of international schools, which serve multinational students for both genders. Higher education is served by number of private and public universities, and it also has technical and industrial colleges.

Entertainment in Al Jubail

Due to the indusrtial nature of Al Jubail Industrial City, government pay good attention to preserving the environment by planting green areas, that is why the city is well known by its beautiful parks. Al Jubail is also known by its wonderful beaches, where are the beach sports and other beach activities as camping. As well As other sports in the city walkways or the private gyms. Shopping is a great experience in this city, it has variety of international goods and branded mall and plazas.