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Eastern Province

Eastern Province

The largest province in Saudi Arabia by area, it has an area of (710,000 km2) representing more than 36% of country’s total area and one of the most important regions. Eastern Province capital is Dammam City, which hosts the majority of the regions' population and its seat of government and where are most of the consulates that serve the Eastern Province. In addition, Eastern Province has 11 governorates whitch are (Al Ahsa, Khobar, Dhahran, Hafar Al-Batin, Jubail, Khafji, Abqaiq, Nariyah, Qaryat al-Ulya, Qatif and Ras Tanura) Due to the important industrial nature of the Eastern Province, more than 20% of the regions' population are expatriates (1.2 million). The Eastern Province considered one of the best regions of residence for expatriates in Saudi Arabia.

Eastern Province Location

It is located on the Arab Gulf with a population of (5.3 million) to be the third most populous region in Saudi Arabia.

The Eastern Province: A Key Trading Centre

The Eastern Province has more than 20% of the entire 1.3 trillion barrels of confirmed oil reserves in the world. It also holds over 50% of Saudi Arabia’s proven oil reserves, and it has over 100 oil and gas fields. Eastern Province is the home of the largest oil field in the world (Ghawar) covering an area of 3,262 km2 and expected to have 70 billion barrels of crude oil. In additional to the Saffaniyah field which expected to have 25-35 billion barrels of crude oil. Having such a large reserves of oil, gas and other natural resources have attracted a range of basic industries to the region, which makes the Eastern Province the most industrialized region of the Kingdom. Nowadays, more than 80% of Saudi’s basic industrial output generated within the Eastern Province, with large areas of land allocated to the industrial sector in both Dammam (DMA) and Jubail. A growing agricultural sector, a thriving electricity industry, water desalination plants, petrochemical complexes, and a vast network of downstream industries, all these factors acted dynamically in the development of the province. Today, the province is counted as a major route between neighboring countries, including India, the Far East, Europe, and America.

Transportation in Eastern Province

Eastern Province Served by: • King Fahad International Airport: (KFIA) KFIA airport serves the Eastern Province – Al-Khobar, Dhahran, Dammam, Ras Tanura, Qatif, and Jubail Industrial City. About 27 airlines provide services at the KFIA airport. They connect the Eastern Province with Europe, Southeast Asia, south Asia and the Middle East. • King Abdullaziz Seaport: In the late 1940s, King Abdullaziz Seaport was founded in the Arabian Gulf to be the second largest port in the Kingdom and the Arabian Gulf. It is located in the city of Dammam. • King Fahad Causeway: King Fahd Causeway links Saudi Arabia- Al Khobar to Bahrain, which is a series of bridges and causeways. The four-lane road is 25 km (16 mi) long and 23 m (75 ft) wide. • Riyadh- Dammam Railway: Saudi Railway Organization (SRO) connect Dammam City with the capital of Saudi Arabia the city of Riyadh passing by Al Ahsa and Abqaiq by a railway of (449 km) length.

Accommodations in Eastern Province

Hotels is a fine option where the province is rich with so many choices, with an excellent, reasonable market rates. Many hotels has a fine dining areas, support with a sport facilities for guests and non-guests. Compounds come as a perfect option for expatriates living away from home, and they want a bit of privacy of their living lifestyle. The province has many compounds resorts facilitated with gardens, gyms, and swimming pools and other utilities with day to day maintenance services and high security level. In addition you may find other furnished/unfurnished apartments or villas for selling or renting.