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Success Stories

A patient sees the light after losing her attention for 10 years in hospital d. Beloved Specialist

Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Hospital has announced the success of the medical team specializing in ophthalmology in the implantation of a cornea using the femtoser laser technology for a patient aged 40 years, and returned to God thanks to the sight after years of loss. The patient was in dire need after the failure of a corneal transplant conducted ten years ago in a hospital did not succeed, as she was orphaned and deteriorated in the cornea and lost with the passage of time the ability to see.

The patient was admitted to the hospital and was blind and was immediately subjected to tests and study the history of patients and the operation of corneal section of the cornea to determine the thickness of opacity, and the results showed suffering from poor vision since childhood because of a genetic disease developed with different stages of age until the deterioration of the cornea and suffered a dark . The failure of the first cornea, which has been cultivated for 10 years, has also been shown to change the cornea and cultivate a new cornea.

The medical team developed an integrated plan of action for the process of agriculture and after the availability of cornea The operation, which lasted two hours under the general anesthesia was implanted cornea using the latest devices with the use of femto laser to cut the cornea thoroughly and without recourse to the scalpel, which contributed to carefully transplant cornea and avoid damaging the cells Which in turn contributed to improved vision quickly after the operation. It is expected that the patient will leave the hospital during the next two days, God willing, after her vision has improved significantly, and will be subject to periodic follow-up for several months until it is fully improved and able to lead normal life.

The medical team explained that the disease affects a large proportion of patients, starting after the age of adulthood to the 1940s, and may lead in some cases to the loss of vision altogether, and then the only solution is to transplant the cornea to restore the sight, especially after it became one of the most successful operations and safe and opened the door The hope is that many patients will return their eyesight to them in a good and natural way, provided that the doctor and the place are selected to perform such a kind of delicate surgery.