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Tissue Laboratory

Tissue Laboratory

Dr. Sulaiman Al-Habib Medical Group has allocated one of largest tissue laboratories in the sector related to The Kingdom to examine and analyse the samples through very accurate diagnostic tests, in conjunction with attracting skilled physicians to extract precise results that will lead them and patients to make the appropriate therapeutic decision. This is reinforced by hosting efficient specialised physicians who have obtained American board, Canadian and Western fellowships

Treated Cases

  • Testing different body biopsies for diagnosing most of stomach diseases, intestines diseases, liver diseases, breast diseases, endocrine gland diseases, lymph node diseases, respiratory system diseases, connective tissue diseases, skin diseases, and other.
  • Diagnosing lumps and tumors by acupuncture, as getting the required cells for diagnosis without the need for anesthesia, and obtaining analysis results of as quick as possible.​

Used Technologies

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