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Nephrology Clinic

Nephrology Clinic

Department of Nephrology is an integrated diagnostic and therapeutic centre thanks to its high-qualified medical staff and accurate diagnostic techniques that provide precise and early detection of various diseases, as all nephrology consultants hosted by the Group have the highest approved European certificates, and specialised substantial experience in diagnosis and treatment of chronic and acute renal infections, dialysis, treatment of follow-up patients with kidney failure and kidney stones. The Medical Group offers an extreme care for patients who suffer from accompanying diseases such as diabetes and hypertension. In addition, our physicians are up-to-date with latest medical developments and the recent scientific studies and researches related to kidney patients. It is worth to mention that the Group contains specialized dialysis centres equipped with the latest German specialized devices.

Treated Cases

  • Dialysis
  • Chronic and acute renal diseases
  • Follow-up cases of kidney transplantation, both before and after.
  • Cases of kidney stones and the best methods of treatment.
  • Hypernatremia cases
  • Disorder of pH level in blood
  • Diagnosis, follow-up, and treatment of secondary hypertension, and essential hypertension.
  • Acute renal failure.
  • Evaluation and treatment of inflammatory disease of the kidney
  • Evaluation and treatment of patients with disorders of acid-base balance, or both
  • Patients with chronic kidney diseases (CKD) and advanced renal failure.
  • Treatment of sacculated kidney.
  • Diagnosis and treatment of bone diseases of renal origin
  • Pre-dialysis care
  • Perfusion

Used Technologies

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