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Our laboratories are a vivid picture of technological development: the service is provided via barcode system so as to avoid human errors. This system has been applied starting from defining of references passing through the stages of laboratory work till obtaining the final results. Consequently, our laboratories has obtained international accreditation certification such as Certificate of Excellence from The Arab Health, as they are associated with American quality control programs called College of American Pathologists (CAP), where a comparison of laboratory analysis results to global results is performed. This, in turn, confirms the accuracy of test results provided to our patients. We, in our laboratories, apply the latest automatic laboratory systems including the system of separation, preparation and storage called Roche modular pre analytics system to ensure higher accuracy in the results of laboratory tests in a complete automated process; in addition to providing the possibility of analyzing 300 samples at the same time and entering new samples to reach 400 samples per hour. The system works on reducing the required number of samples withdrawn from the patient by 75%, and providing higher speed in preparing, separating, and sending them within 10 minutes only. Moreover, our laboratories are applying Point of Care Systems which provides all emergent tests to critical cases in the Emergency Departments, Intensive Care, Operations Department, and Cardiac care to help the medical staff making the quick right therapeutic decision along with automatic documentation of test results.

Treated Cases

  • All accurate laboratory tests are performed, such as:
  • Routine tests (liver functions - kidney functions - Grease - Diabetes- ...........)
  • Tests for monitoring levels of hormones and vitamins, viruses and cancer indications.
  • Tests of sexually transmitted diseases
  • Tests of autoimmune diseases
  • Anemia tests, genetic anemia tests, complete blood screening, reticulocytes test, hemoglobin electrophoresis and coagulation disorders.
  • Diagnostic microbiology tests such as bacteria, fungi and parasites
  • Vital partial diagnostic tests PCR assay for hepatitis viruses (B-C), AIDS and others
  • Detection of bacterial and viral antibodies
  • TB tests
  • Nucleic acid tests (NAT ) of blood units