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About HMG RC


The Research Centre at Dr Sulaiman Al Habib Medical Group is established to supervise the research activities at the group. The center will also found to identify key areas of research based on the health care needs of the society and to encourage staff to contribute on those priority areas of research. The center through the Institutional Review Board IRB will act to maintain the ethical standards of practice in medical research to protect both participants and the researcher and that ensure interdisciplinary research are established in an appropriate and consistent manner.

The Research Center has developed a set of policies and procedures on research ethics, intellectual property and research application procedure.

Research Center Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • To review all policies and procedures related to human, animals and plants research aligned with the national and international law and its regulations.
  • To ensure that the research does not violate Sharia rules, laws or regulations observed in Saudi Arabia.
  • To ensure that participants are fully informed of the nature of the study and provided of all necessary information.
  • To periodically monitor the results of the researches and maintain safety of the human subject
  • To ensure the protection of human subjects.
  • To support the conduct of collaborative research projects involving HMG and other external parties.
  • To encourage creative works or ideas produced at Al Habib research center to be used in ways that are significant in the public interest.
  • To protect scholars traditional rights with respect to the products of their intellectual endeavors.
  • To ensure protection of endangered species.

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