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Electronic Services

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Login service

The patient can login by two methods:

1. Mobile number and patient's identification no/iqama: patient must use his/her unique id/iqama and enters the mobile number. After that, an SMS with OTP will be sent to the user on his/her mobile to be entered for a successful login.

2. Mobile number and patient's file number: patient must use his/her unique file number and enters the mobile number. After that, an SMS with OTP will be sent to the user on his/her mobile to be entered for a successful login.

Register New User

The patient can open new file in Habib Medical Group using this services as follow:

1. Patient must use his/her unique id/iqama and enters the mobile number to check if he\she already has a file.

2. After that, an SMS with OTP will be sent to the user on his/her mobile to be entered.

3. Then he\she fill his information the register.

Forget file number

​If the patient doesn't remember his/her file number, there is a service to receive the file number by entering the mobile number and receive by SMS the file number.

Book appointment

By this service the patient can search for an appointment in the project, clinic and the time he wants. Also the patient can view doctor profile and doctor schedule.

My appointments

This service views all patient`s appointments in AL Habib and their status (booked, confirmed or arrived). The patient can confirm, cancel, print, view appointment’s vital sign, or reschedule the appointment.

Find Doctor

​They will be able to search and browse doctors and view doctor's information such as qualification, nationality, awards and certifications, cases that they are specialized in, and also can see doctor`s schedule.

My visited doctor

​Shows all the doctors that the patient already visited in AL Habib Medical Group, so he can easily reach and can book appointment with them.

Ask visited doctor

Views the doctors that the patient visited during the last 30 days so he can send a question to them, Restriction: only one question allowed in 24 hours for the same doctor.

Doctor response

​The Patient can see his asked questions to the doctors and their answers.

Rate my doctor

​The patient can rate the doctor he\she visited and see his rate for all doctors, max rate is 5.

Vital signs

Shows vital sign charts and tables for all patient`s appointments include:

1. Height
2. Wight
3. Temperature
4. Blood pressure
5. Breath
6. Heart
7. Body mass index

Laboratory results

​Another feature is viewing lab details & email lab results for future reference.

Radiology result

​Shows the patient`s radiology results and send it to his\her email.

My sick leave

​Views all patient`s sick leaves in Habib Medical Group and the patient can send it by email, export as PDF and print.

My vaccines

​View all vaccines that were taken.

Child vaccines

​In this service the patient register his\her infant or kids to receive a free vaccination schedule, so they will be able to view and get an email of all the vaccinations that are planned depending on the infant's age.

Update your information

​Patients can modify their file details without having to visit the hospital physically such as email, emergency contact number, emergency contact name, preferred language and notifications.

My prescription

​Patients can not only view their prescription, they can also check the availability of these prescriptions in Al Habib pharmacies and views pharmacy location on map.

Search in pharmacy

​Searching for medicines availability in HMG pharmacies, and view pharmacies location`s on map.

Insurance approval

Checking the status of your Insurance approvals (approved, disapproved or partially approved, etc.), and can see the details of this approval.

Insurance cards

​Shows all the patient`s insurance cards and if active or in active.

Insurance coverage

Provides a summary of coverage for patient active insurance card

Calculate body mass index

​The patient can calculate his\her body mass index and shows the result if he\she is under weight, healthy, overweight, or obese. It depends on weight, height, Gender and age.

Calculate ideal body weight

​One of health calculators that give the patient the healthy weight depends on his\her height and weight.


​Now the patient or the user has the ability to send feedbacks about the eservices portal or the hospital services and the patient can provide an attachment also. Based on this vital information, hospital administrators will be able to reflect and enhance the patient services.

Enter To E-Services

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