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Conflict of Interest


Conflict Of Interest

We at Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Hospital, As-Suwaidi ensure that all our employees to demonstrate at all times honesty, integrity and to observe high interest standards of conduct. These principles and the use of good judgment will prevent any conflict of interest situation.

  • Following are the few Conflict Of Interest as per the hospital policies:
  1. Disclose ownership and any conflicts of interest.
  2. Honestly portray hospital services to patients.
  3. Protect confidentiality of patient information.
  4. Provide clear admission, transfer, and discharge policies.
  5. Bill accurately for services provided and ensure that financial incentives and payment arrangements do not compromise patient care.
  6. Report organizational and clinical performance measures with transparency.
  7. Report all clinical errors and sentinel events.
  8. Support an environment that allows free discussion of interest concerns without fear of retribution.
  9. Provide an effective and timely resolution to interest conflicts that arise.
  10. Nondiscrimination in employment practices and provision of patient care in the context of the cultural and regulatory norms of the country.
  11. Reduce disparities in health care access and clinical outcomes.