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About Us

Dr. Sulaiman Al-Habib Hospital, As-Suwaidi is the first private digital hospital with the state of the art medical facility in Saudi Arabia that uses advanced electronic systems and integrates them at all stages of the patient’s care to aid the healthcare professionals and provide optimum diagnosis and management of complex diseases.

The process of integration starts as early as registration and continues with the patient’s journey throughout the hospital.

The hospital has adopted and implemented highest level of quality standards thereby incorporating national and international best practices and evidence based medicine. We pride ourselves in announcing that we added new scopes of service to Habib Medical Group which includes an Oncology services excluding radiation therapy having highly qualified and experienced professionals.

The Hospital has 315 beds and 240 clinics, in addition to the allocation of 35 isolation rooms in all departments of the hospital, in line with the consequences of the spread of infectious diseases and epidemic.