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Confidentiality For Us

We strongly believe in protecting the right of confidentiality of all our patients, employees, physicians and the hospital itself by limiting disclosure of confidential information to those having a need to know in order to perform the duties of their job or take action upon the information. Patient confidentiality is inculcated in the culture of the hospital. We ensure that our staff respect and protect the patient health information confidentiality throughout the process. The hospital leadership all the staff members ensure that the hospital maintains the privacy and confidentiality of data and information and is careful about preserving the confidentiality of sensitive data and information.

  • We include the following key areas for ensuring the confidentiality is maintained:
  1. To ensure that level of privacy and confidentiality is maintained for different categories of data and information.
  2. To ensure confidentiality, security and integrity of data and information including the medical records are maintained.
  3. To indicate the circumstances under which the information may be released and how to obtain the patient’s permission if required.
  4. To ensure the compliance with confidentiality and privacy as per the national laws and regulations.


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