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Maternity Hospital

Dr. Sulaiman AL-Habib Medical Group is providing a comprehensive and integrated services for women through a range of health programs such as pregnancy follow-up program, women's health program, breast and cervical cancer early detection program, as well as awareness and nutritional specialized programs for pregnant women and nursing mothers. The birth takes place in an atmosphere of safety and comfort for the mother and child as it is performed by a selection of the best medical talents, in addition to the presence of a physician specialized in neonatal care. The Hospital allows you enjoying a peaceful stay in luxurious rooms and suites. The mother can follow her baby through television network, as every child has their own camera, and there is a nurse, in each room, to take care of the mother to provide all needed care and attention. Your baby also enjoys a comprehensive care and attention. The Hospital is equipped with 4D scanning devices that scans fetus's feature, detects precisely the diseases, discovers congenital defects early, captures accurate image of the fetus's heart, and it also allows taking photos of the fetus and keeping the images. Furthermore, the doctor will be able to check on the safety of the fetus with similar images of reality, as images reveal skeletal malformations by providing a clear and detailed photo of which the doctor can check internal organs of fetus. It is worth mentioning that the Hospital provides a specialized program for pregnancy that covers all aspects of health and answers questions related to pregnant women so as to protect the mother and her baby from infectious and genetic diseases. The program includes 13 visits to an obstetrics and genecology doctor and a wide range of laboratory tests.