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HMG wins Mideast excellence award


Dr. Sulaiman Al-Habib Medical Group has received the prestigious Excellence in Surgery Services Award in the Middle East.
The achievement is a result of the center’s commitment to provide the highest quality surgical services, said Dr. Abdullah Al-Harbash, the Group’s vice CEO for Doctor Affairs.
He said the group’s hospitals have implemented the highest international standards in terms of designing and equipping operating rooms. Surgical equipment is imported from major international companies. 
“Operating rooms are equipped with the Digital OR system that is connected to the radiology and laboratory sections where two monitors display the patient’s information and the operation’s progress,” said Al-Harbash.
He said the group implements standards initiated by the American National Standards Institute, in its operating rooms. 
The group’s surgical teams follow strict disinfection and sterilization procedures. 
The surgical staff is highly qualified. This is reflected in the high rate of successful surgeries, he said. 
​“For the group, quality at all its hospitals and centers comes first. Our skilled, highly-qualified and experienced doctors and nurses are committed to international safety and security measures, and this has enabled us to obtain distinguished awards year after year.” 

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