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E-Health and Remote Communication Program

One of the highest priorities in Dr. Sulaiman AL-Habib 160;Medical Group is keeping up with the trending technologies and customizing them to serve the patients. For this reason, the Group has developed E-Health and Remote Communication Program to enable their patients to communicate with the doctor while they are at home; this process is done through medical devices connected to the internet via mobile phone such as measuring devices of blood pressure, sugar and oxygen level in blood.Moreover, our team is performing training to the patient and his family on how to use these electronic devices. Consequently, the doctor will be able to stay in touch with his patients through his mobile phone if there were any unusual measurements detected on the computer/phone; and in turn, he/she would be able to provide medical tips by regulating or changing the medicine, along with other possibilities.The E-Health and Remote Communication program enables the patient and his family to view all the measurements recorded on the mobile phone when consulting any other doctor in the medical group later.

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