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Following-up on Chronic Diseases

Most people who suffer from chronic diseases often need more constant and professional medical care. Consequently, the home-based following-up program of chronic diseases provides premium health care for patients of blood pressure, asthma, diabetes, heart diseases, geriatrics diseases and others; through a highly qualified team that includes family medicine consultants , nursing staff, therapeutic nutrition specialists and health education.The program includes 11 home visits for a year, and aims at providing a comprehensive examination of patients, conducting periodic laboratory tests for them and handling potential complications. In addition, it sets convenient nutrition programs according to each patient status under nutrition specialist supervision. It helps, as well, in setting a standard to regulate the ratio of cumulative sugar in blood, provide foot care (for diabetes patients), and prevent any complications shall happen to the foot. Not to mention that medical team is educating and training patient’s family on how they can inject their relatives with insulin.

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