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Nursing services

Our nursing staff services, such as paying short-term/regular home visits, vary according to the needs of our patients. The staff is also performing all the nursing activities, in accordance with international standards, such as vital signs measurement (pulse, blood pressure, body temperature, and respiration), oxygen in the blood measurement, wound dressing, giving all injections and medications, and providing intravenous fluids. Moreover, the nursing staff is responsible for patients suffering diabetes, stroke and heart diseases, bedsores treatment, diabetic Foot along with taking care of seniors. Furthermore, the nursing staff provides the patient and his/her family with health educational services and awareness and gives them training on how to use tools, medical devices, sampling and others.We also offer our patients specialized nursing staff in taking care of seniors, children of age less than two years and assisting nurses according to the patient convenience. Not to mention that we offer nurses accompanying to the injured patient and his/her family outside the Kingdom.

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