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Vascular Clinic

Vascular Clinic

Vascular surgery is one of the accurate surgical specialties where you, as a patient, need a qualified medical staff. This area of specialty includes vein and artery problems. Our physicians provide diagnostic and treatment services for either patients who do not need surgical intervention using laser techniques, as they do not need to undergo general anesthesia at the hospital, or, in some cases, those who need surgical interventions.

Treated Cases

  • Laser treatment for varicose veins.
  • Diabetic foot.
  • Abdominal aortic aneurysm diseases.
  • Venous insufficiency.
  • Vein inflammation.
  • Venous catheter and artery catheter installation.
  • Treatment of blockages of blood vessels for patients suffering diabetes.
  • Cases of artery cut resulting from accidents and injuries.
  • Treatment of thrombophlebitis resulting from vein disorders.
  • Vein thrombosis and clots in the legs.
  • Shortage of blood flow in the arteries leading to pain in the legs when walking.
  • Cases that need vascular stent insertion to perform dialysis for people suffering renal failure​.

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