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Speech Therapy Unit

Speech Therapy Unit

Speech and speaking disorders clinic is one of modern clinics in Arab Commumity: it has become known for their importance in the treatment of linguistic problems and reduction of their effects learning achievements and psychological level. The unit is well-known for its diagnostic and treatment services provided to all its patients starting from three-year-old children and older; the adults and the elderly who suffer from speech and speaking problems may take advantage of the clinic's services. The clinic main role is designing therapy programs individually based on the capabilities and linguistic skills of the patient after full evaluation. Engaging child's family or the patient in the treatment program is done to ensure the greatest success and influence.

Treated Cases

  • The clinic treats all the cases of patients starting from three-year-old children and older, the adults and the elderly who suffer speaking, listening, language problems :
  • Speech and language delay
  • Sounds articulation difficulties
  • Stuttering​
  • Hearing disabilities
  • Voice problems
  • Cleft lip and cleft palatine resulting difficulties
  • Speech and language difficulties due to brain damage
  • Speech and language disorders in the context of a mental disorder, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, Down syndrome, Mongolian and autism.
  • Learning disabilities ( reading and writing difficulties)
  • Counseling sessions for patients' parents who suffer speech and language difficulties;
  • Presenting consultancy on how to deal with people of special needs.​

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