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Physiotherapy Center

Physiotherapy Center

Dr. Suliman Al-Habib Medical Group boasts having an outstanding medical team specialised in locomotor rating scale, especially in cases like orthopedic, spinal cord and sports injuries. The team possesses extensive experience in locomotion analysis and rehabilitation. Physiotherapy Centres offer services to all age groups, either from males or females. Moreover, there is a specialised medical staff consists of only female physicians in a separate department to guarantee more privacy for women. It is important to shed the light on multiple services provided by the centres such as dedicating special programmes for women and Orthopedic patients to retrieve muscle strength, and offering home visit programme. In its pursuit of achieving marvellous quality, the Group has hires an integrated medical staff from Czech Republic to provide Czech physical therapy programs for their patients without having to travel.

Treated Cases

  • Orthopedic injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Post-surgery rehabilitation
  • Rehabilitation of sports injury patients
  • Cartilage issues
  • Rehabilitation of patients suffering paralysis
  • Rehabilitation of women after mastectomy surgery
  • Rehabilitation of congenital disability pateints
  • Providing medical care and home visits for chronic cases
  • Nerves disorder
  • Overweight and obesity patients
  • Tumor patients

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