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Nutrition Clinic

Nutrition Clinic

Therapeutic Feeding Unit is offering healthy feeding programs for all of our patients, whether those who are suffering from obesity or slenderness. Some of These programs are designed for cardiac, diabetes, hepatitis and kidney patients. This in addition to providing diet instructions for women during pregnancy and lactation period, and those who suffer from diabetes. Furthermore, the department arranges special programs to meet women expectations of having fit and healthy body.

Treated Cases

  • Diabetes Patients
  • kidney patients
  • Preparing healthy and balanced diet for each case individually after its assessment.
  • Reducing obesity weight
  • Arranging feeding programs for cancer patients
  • High pressure patients
  • Cardiac and high blood cholesterol patients
  • Full feeding programs for pregnant women
  • Providing preventive care tips through deliberate nutritional programs to cope with critical diseases like cardiac, diabetes and obesity.
  • Following up with patients after surgeries.

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