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Diabetes and Endocrine Clinic

Diabetes and Endocrine Clinic

​The Endocrinology and Diabetes Clinic provides distinct medical services to patients via qualified physicians who hold the highest academic degrees from honourable universities in the world. This clinic holds the responsibility of diagnosing, treating, following up, educating, as well as training the patients on the methods of measuring and monitoring sugar levels in the blood. In collaboration with the nutritionist, the medical staff developed an integrated program especially dedicated to patients with diabetes to follow up and adjust the sugar in the blood; we are seeking to ensure providing special care for those patients because this disease requires excellent medical care to provide a healthier life, in accordance with the global medical recommendations. There is a health educator resident at the clinic. Her role crystallized in advising patients with diabetes through continuous follow-up and instructing patients about how to deal with doses of insulin and take notes. In addition, she communicates with the patient to adjust insulin doses according to patient’s health status. The medical staff in the clinic provides diagnostic and therapeutic services for the treatment of glandular disorders and health problems resulting from these disturbances.

Treated Cases

  • - Diabetes in adults, children, and pregnant women
  • Short stature
  • - Excess body hair in women
  • - Various kinds of thyroid diseases
  • - Osteoporosis and vitamin D deficiency
  • - Parathyroid gland disease (hyperparathyroidism) and disorders of calcium metabolism
  • - Low testosterone (male sex hormone)
  • - Diagnosis and treatment of pituitary gland problems
  • - Diseases of the adrenal gland (above the kidney)
  • - Preventing the complications of diabetes
  • - Women’s hormonal health accurate assessment
  • - Assessment of male hormonal problems

Used Technologies

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